Another week at TFB: One staffer wins a Grammy, another debuts a photography show

Dear Friends,

Last week I sent out a note about our holiday party at Conan's - how much I was enjoying everyone at the company these days and how fortunate if feels to be me as a result. This week seemed a fine time to note that it's not all about me and Texas French Bread. It seems some of our wonderful crew actually lead exciting lives and do stuff in their spare time that is impactful and has a life of it's own.

This week one of our crew, Matt Puckett, won a Grammy award - you know, the little statue with the horn that's like an Oscar, but for music... just let that sink in for a moment.

Matt came to work at Texas French Bread last year. He attended LBJ High School in south Austin with our very own Betty Cole. He moved to New York City for college to attend Fordham University, where he studied sociology and theology.

When I learned Matt was up for a Grammy, I assumed it was for his work as a driving force behind the critically acclaimed Austin band, Mother Falcon. I saw Mother Falcon play a "secret show" over at Spider house last summer and they were nothing like what I had imagined - all I knew it was that it was a large band with lots of players. But it turns out they are really eclectic and super weird with influences that clearly range from classical to jazz to pop.

That said, it turns out the Grammy was for for Matt's work on a project fronted by a guy he met at Fordham named Tim Kubart for an album called "Home" that won Best Children's Album of the Year. Matt co-wrote the songs and he tells me they're about celebrating the magical in the mundane moments that kids experience in their day-to-day lives. All I can say is, great work Matt, and I guess I'm going to be listening to some kids' music this week.

So be sure and congratulate Matt when you're in the shop - he'll be the guy holding court at the counter who just got back from hobnobbing with, you know, T-Swift, Kendrick Lamar... Seriously - congrats Matt. Very impressive accomplishment my friend.

Also regarding our amazing staff - Whitney Arostegui, our PR and social media coordinator, Instagrammer, dinner server, and all around renaissance woman, will display an exhibit of her photographs tonight at Kit and Ace, a little shop in South Austin (behind Seventh Flag Coffee on South First). Whitney tells me the show is focused on Texas landscapes and portraits. I plan to be there (as will a number of TFB customers and staff) and I'm super excited to see her work in this context. So if a contemporary cultural outing seems like a good fit, please come join us (and then roll over to TFB for dinner - no brainer, right?).

In other news, Chef Ben Valentine's prix fixe was a big hit so we're going to continue to make a few of those items this week at dinner. The ricotta/honey crostini will be there, as will the beet and citrus salad and the broccoli/anchovy dish. We're also looking to see if we can get more gulf oysters in for the weekend as the fried oysters were a huge hit. We have the amazing green garlic pasta back on, and I did notice a fresh delivery of giant super fresh gulf shrimp this morning. Don't be a stranger.

bon appetit,