A Labor Day Tale

Dear Friends,

I think one indication that you're spending your days working at something you love, is what you do with your time off. This past Labor Day Monday, a bunch of us TFB folk did what we do best - we made dinner and drank a bunch of really cool wine. But that night, instead of dining at Texas French Bread, we were graciously hosted by a dear friend of the restaurant, Stephen Becker.

One great thing about owning a restaurant is the opportunity to run into Austinites I haven't seen in years. Stephen Becker and I overlapped at Saint Stephen's in the 1970s, but hadn't kept in touch. These days, his lovely wife Emilie, and their kids Isaac and Antonia (when they are in town) are big supporters of TFB. When Stephen asked if he could return the hospitality by having TFB staff and friends over at his gorgeous Hyde Park home (swimming pool included), well, I just couldn't turn it down. So with the invitation accepted, I made the executive decision to close up early. I might have broke a few classic restaurant rules, but I do love a spontaneous party, and hey - it was Labor Day!

As the afternoon eased into evening, lots of friends dropped in, swimsuits in tow. We had all the grillable snacks we could think to bring, a case of good wine and perfect weather for whiling away a holiday by a pool. It was a spectacular night.

We're back at it this week though and we've got a number of reservations rolling in. The weather on the back side of the "cold" front should make for very comfortable patio seating. With that Fall weather in mind, we're also planning another Garden Party since the last one was such a hit. Mark your calendars: October 4, 6 - 9 pm and RSVP on our Facebook Event Page.

bon appetit,