Boggy Creek Dinner this Sunday

Dear Friends,

As I mentioned in my previous email, we're holding a special harvest dinner this Sunday evening to celebrate Boggy Creek Farm. Although it seems like yesterday, brother Ben and I began serving our farm-based dinners at TFB late in the summer of 2008. And the truth is, if we'd tried even a few years earlier, it would have been far more difficult to serve meals with predominantly local and sustainably grown foods.

It is no exaggeration to say that from that very first weekend - when I emailed everyone we knew and begged them to come out and indulge our crazy notion that we could cook restaurant quality dinner - right through to the present, Boggy Creek has been absolutely essential to Texas French Bread.

I feel like I've personally learned enough about how real food is grown from Carol Ann and Larry to fill a book, and it's no hyperbole to say that without the two of them, their amazing staff over the years, and all of the incredible produce they grow, Texas French Bread would certainly not exist in its current form.

So please join us this Sunday as we sit down for a meal with Carol Ann and Larry, and celebrate their work at Boggy Creek Farm, the mainstay of farm-to-table dining at TFB.

The tentative menu plan is set forth below, but as those of you who are interested in sustainable food and farming know, real food sprouts and grows on their own schedule (so we're always a bit dependent on what produce is available).

1 - butternut squash bisque, pepitas, sage,

2 - lyonnaise salad, boggy greens and radishes, lardons, mustard vin, slow poached egg

3 - dewberry coq au vin jaune, boggy polenta cake

4 - poached pear, black pepper sablé,

We will also offer optional wine pairings, though our full bottle list will be available as well. Our general manager Hall Sheriff has just returned from a wine-centric trip to France and is jazzed to share some of the wines he drank while traveling. One of the areas he visited was the Jura - in fact, the coq au vin jaune that we'll enjoy as our main course is a traditional Jura dish made from a sherry-like wine. We're hoping to pour some wine from this region for the pairing - their cool weather topography should pair exceptionally well with our Fall produce.

Please make reservations in advance, as seating is limited. Dinner will be served at communal tables so everyone can meet their neighbors and celebrate the Austin food community.

I hope you can join us this weekend.

bon appetit,