Our peaceable kingdom

Dear Friends,

I want to take a moment to visit with you about a subject that can be a bit, you know... touchy. It's about SXSW. The circus has arrived in our town - there's going to be traffic and out-of-towners in lanyards, flashing badges (we don't need no stinking badges!).

So, for some, the first instinct is to just get the heck out of town. Hop on a plane, use up those frequent flyer points, gas up the SUV and point it toward any direction as long as it's Away From Here. And even for those of us who manage to resist that urge, the knee jerk response can involve purchasing two weeks' worth of groceries, drawing the blinds, getting extra bandwidth to facilitate a smoother Netflix stream, and stubbornly insisting on not coming out of the house until the dangers and discomforts have passed.

With that in mind, I drafted this short note - a public service announcement if you will - to let all of you know that things at Texas French Bread are a world away from such chaos. We can be reached from virtually anywhere in the greater Northern Austin Area without going so much as near that messy situation downtown. Our parking is ample. Our patio is quiet. And our staff is committed to assuaging your tormenting anxieties regarding this imposition on our peaceable kingdom.

Escape from the festival with a glass of wine and our house-made mozzarella served with freshly sliced prosciutto. Or perhaps try our weekend pre-fixe and wine pairing featuring wood-grilled sea scallops. Don't forget the pièce de résistance - our signature butterscotch budino made with organic butter and grass fed heavy cream.

Now we're talking.

bon appétit,


PS - We're on the lookout for an all-star in the kitchen to hire as a cook. If you know anyone who might be interested, please send me a note!