Put an egg on it! A local, pastured farm egg, that is.

Dear Friends,

Since we officially opened the garden patio space with our launch party, we've starting to see a lot of interest from many of you in dinner al fresco, paired with a bottle of rosé and a cool breeze. The time that the space has really taken off the most, though, is at brunch. Saturdays and Sundays we've been hosting a great crowd. There's plenty of space for kids, you can bring your pooch, and lest I forget - a couple of outdoor mimosas will definitely offload any residual stress left from your work week. It's pretty chill out there and I think it will get your weekend started in just the right way.

I also wanted to take a minute to note - while many of you are familiar with our heavy focus on local sourcing during dinner, y'all may not realize that we do our best to extend these priorities to our brunch service as well. While we can't always get what we need locally, we're always looking for sustainable and, if possible, organically certified foods.

One of the relationships that we take pride in is the one we have with Kris Olsen of Milagro Farm. You've probably seen Kris at the farmers' markets - he's a tall, Nordic dude and a super nice guy - and at present he's supplying us with all of our eggs.

What keeps me sleeping easy at night is that Kris's laying hens live outdoors - they can grub for insects, get fresh air and they generally live very chicken-y lives. I have no doubt that this is why their eggs taste amazing. The yolks are a vibrant orange and they explode with flavor. They even behave differently when we cook with them.

It costs a little more for Milagro Farm to keep a truly pastured flock, but it's what they believe in (and so do we). At the end of the day, I feel really good about promoting happy hens that are living in a chicken appropriate environment, not to mention Kris - a real person with whom we have an actual relationship, and a first rate farmer who directly participates in our community and our local economy.

So next time you're dining with us at brunch, we hope you feel that same pride in supporting our local farmers. If you're planning on joining us for Mother's Day brunch on May 10, please note that we are taking a limited number of reservations. Email us at reservations@texasfrenchbread.com with your requests and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

bon appetit,


PS - We're not accepting dinner reservations on OpenTable anymore, so please use reservations@texasfrenchbread.com for all your dinner table needs in the future as well.