Texas French Bread Garden Patio

Dear Friends,

Well - I guess spring is here early this year. In light of these beautiful days I've been spending my lunch hours lap-swimming at Deep Eddy Pool (also because that's what you do when you're a boss - did I mention I love my job?). Anyway - spring weather is patio weather, and I wanted to take a second to remind y'all that we've got a pretty nifty patio.

We introduced the stunning remodel of our garden/patio (v2.0?) last spring, and it was quickly named one of the Best Patios in Austin by Eater and praised as a great spot for wine and bar snacks by local food writer Tom Thornton. Our first ever Garden Party saw a rather large crowd of TFB regulars and first-timers come together over rosé and frites - people brought their kids, their dogs, their friends and had a blast on a glorious Sunday evening.

This year, we want to continue to hone in on the things we liked most about that event - its casual nature and the way it supported local community coming together over food and drink in an affordable, approachable, and easygoing way.

With that in mind, we've launched a new menu for the patio space that will be available from 5:30 pm to close on Monday through Saturday.

It includes $5 wine specials (we'll have one sparking, rosé, white and red on special every night) and an assortment of bar snacks to be shared amongst friends. And yes, if I'm completely honest, this is an acknowledgement that offering the full service dinner outside all the way across our parking lot has been posing some rather difficult problems - we couldn't really deliver our best work to you out there.

I'd love to invite you to enjoy a glass of wine and snacks outside on one of these glorious central Texas evenings (basically my favorite time of day and one of the principal reasons I returned from the Northeast to move back to Texas a few years ago - hint, it damn sure wasn't so I could openly carry a handgun in church). Once the sun fully sets, come inside and enjoy the hospitality of our full dinner menu in our intimate, candlelit dining room.

The new patio menu with wine specials enjoyed a soft opening this past Monday evening. We hope you'll join us soon to try it out.