The Indescribable Beauty of Evenings in Central Texas

Dear Friends,

A couple of weeks ago, we finally got the garden space opened and fully staffed for evening dinner service - and I wanted to invite you again to come enjoy it on one of these unexpectedly cool spring evenings we're having. I've been stunned at how lovely the emerging space has revealed itself to be.

I've been sitting out on the garden patio under the soft glow of cable lights and the drape of the oak's arms over the last few nights, and I've been reminded that the thing I missed most during the decade or so that I spent living in the northeast was the whole concept of "evening". Here in central Texas, it's a time of day that can be indescribably beautiful. On the best of these evenings, you can sit and watch the colors shift and deepen, and be reminded of your oneness with the earth under your feet. Things feel right-sized as the stresses of the day fade into a blissful sense of peace and place.

We began the garden remodeling project a couple of years ago, and I must say - I had originally conceived a much more modest rethinking of the area under that grand tree, which for years housed not much more than a few beat up picnic tables. We were extremely fortunate. We got lots of unexpected help on the project. In truth, the new garden space seems to have sprung directly from one of those "put it out there to the universe" thought experiments - and I just couldn't be happier with the results.

I'm proud and humbled to say that both the garden space and the restaurant have gotten some really great press in recent weeks. Nadia Chaudhury of highlighted us as one of the best patios in town and food writer Tom Thornton of touted us in a story on Austin bar food, particularly taking note of our exciting wine list.

Anyway with the addition of our new happy hour and tomato season almost upon us, we're ramping up our appetizer game in a big way. Word to the wise - our fried green tomatoes should be back on the menu Saturday night, and looks like we'll have squash blossoms in soon as well. And please come join us in the garden soon.

Bon appetit,


PS - Though the evenings of late have been quite lovely and surprisingly dry, please note that we will regrettably close the garden with a forecast of impending rain.